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The 528Hz LOVE Frequency, and Metatron Technology Programs are gifts to you, just for visiting They are some of the many amazing solutions mentioned in the book, POWER UP. These free gifts can empower you to potentially transform your personal world toward better health, and more peace, happiness and prosperity. 

Used worldwide, they could uplift all of humanity and help create a solution-based world, as explained in POWER UP. However, you do not need to buy the POWER UP book to enjoy the benefits of these bonuses.


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528 Hz – The LOVE frequency 

     The Frequency of Unlimited, Unconditional and Universal LOVE is 528 Hz. Your awareness of this frequency is enough for you to begin enjoying its benefits. Researchers, musicians and historians have discovered that unconditional LOVE resonates at 528 Hz frequency.  

     This LOVE frequency originates in nature. According to some researchers, it is also a “miracle” note in the original Solfeggio musical scale.  

     528 Hz frequency is associated with DNA repair and health, both personal and environmental. You can listen to 528 Hz frequencies on Internet videos to enhance the benefits.



Metatron Technology(TM) Programs

     Metatron Technology is of the “Technologies for Electrical Coherence” (TECs) explained in POWER UP. TECs have the ability to reduce the pervasive source of stress caused by chaos within human-designed electromagnetic fields. The Global LOVE Grid(TM) and Global Carbon Reduction Grid(TM), proposed in POWER UP, are possible through TECs. 

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