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POWER UP is a manifesto of how to solve problems better on both a personal and global scale. It explains practical and affordable ideas about "How to Create a Solution-Based World in 100 Days." That means the world of your personal life and the world of humanity. Relax and have fun. It will not take 100 days for you to create a solution-based world in your life. That can start immediately, as you will learn later from the Giving Xperiment. 

Does any of that seem impossible? Good. By the time you finish reading POWER UP, you will feel like the impossible can come true. As the legendary filmmaker and theme park creator, Walt Disney said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” POWER UP is a tour of solutions. I am your tour guide. Laughing at my tour guide jokes is optional, but encouraged. Are you ready?

A clue will help you find the biggest treasure in this book. LOVE is the essential and overarching theme that connects every part of this tour. LOVE is in capital letters to mean universal and unlimited LOVE, which is different from the romantic love that is not the primary focus of this book. The LOVE mentioned in POWER UP is more about goodwill and benevolence. LOVE is that most powerful, connecting and pervasive force everywhere in creation. LOVE is the point of balance that unifies and harmonizes everyone, and everything, at the deepest level. Through LOVE, you can discover every solution to every problem. 

POWER UP resulted from many influences. A comment by an elementary school friend shocked me deeply. I vowed to solve global problems and develop my full potential. A rare weather phenomenon in 2015 proved my dream was prophetic. These events, and more, led me to write POWER UP.

My parents were wonderful providers and mentors throughout my journey. They made great sacrifices to ensure that their four kids had what we needed to grow up healthy, ethical and responsible. Life was frugal, which was a blessing for me. I learned how to spend less, yet achieve much more in my quest to discover cost-effective solutions to the world’s problems.


We will visit topics including truth, fake news, our brain waves, and DNA. We will explore extraterrestrial life in the vast universe, and novel solutions to problems on Earth. We will consider suppressed technology, how to elevate sexual behavior, and a breakthrough discovery that could benefit the whole world with the "flip of a switch." The golden thread of LOVE links all of these topics and us together.

The circles on the book cover form the Vesica Pisces in Sacred Geometry. In POWER UP, they present opposite or conflicting interests at the root of all problems. The center represents opposites that balance at the unifying and connecting point of LOVE, out of which the entire creation emerges. Finding solutions to challenging problems has been my life’s quest. Contacting that point of LOVE has been a great source of joy.

The first chapters explain how I learned about and promoted solutions. They include the search for truth as part of my personal journey, why truth matters and how you can know the truth. They will address the damage that fake news, political lies and misinformation are causing. Apply an extra amount of care, even when reading this book. I have made a good faith effort to present accurate and useful information. It will still be important for you to decide both intellectually and from your gut if it has value for you. The next chapters include a discussion on expanded thinking as a valuable technology for creating or finding solutions. That will be in the context of space exploration and the great potential benefits of interacting with extraterrestrial life. These chapters reveal how and why we have stayed in a problem-based economy.

The middle chapters describe different ways to transform our world from a problem-based economy into an enlightened, solution-based civilization. The last chapters will focus on strategies for uplifting humanity on a global scale, using technologies with extreme leverage. The final chapter offers the most simple and cost-effective solution for dealing with the global problem of air pollution. That will be a vital and urgent call to action. It will propose a “moonshot” project, which could have a domino effect of benefits worldwide.

Accelerating Our Planetary Shift

The planet-transforming shift underway results from a team effort. An increasing number of people worldwide are feeling their true calling. They may face doubts, pessimism, ridicule and resistance to change, but they are moving our planet toward a new paradigm. These activists, entrepreneurs, visionaries, civic leaders, inventors, discoverers, and adventurers are in every field of life and country. Something has lit a fire under them. Each has his or her spark. Are you are one of them?

POWER UP can empower you more than you knew was possible. It is about helping you create LOVE and coherence to improve your life and the condition of humanity. Are you in a hurry? Is solving human-made climate change, or at least global air pollution, your highest priority? If so, then rush to the last chapter right now! Otherwise, take the leisurely "scenic tour."

Are you aware that humanity is undergoing an extraordinary shift? It is accelerating toward a higher than ever quality of life on Earth. Can you see it? You will learn that achieving such an upgrade for humanity is easier and more affordable than most people know. Best of all, it does not take government action to accomplish it. We can do it ourselves as ordinary citizens.

LOVE, coherence and even truth, have overlapping qualities and effects, such as harmony and synchrony, that is, being “in-sync” and in-phase. You can increase them by pressing the right "keys" from one heart to another. They are keys in the sense that they are vital, crucial and indispensable solutions. POWER UP explains why you have more authority and freedom than any politician or government as a whole. You are the one who rules the "rulers." POWER UP can empower you to be your best guide. It is for both self-development and civilization development.

POWER UP Exponentially through Togetherness

It is true that there is strength in numbers. There is much greater strength in “loving” and “coherent” numbers working together in harmony. Three chapters on truth, LOVE and coherence explain that in more detail. I am eager to join others who are working toward this and other big goals. This modest book is my way of helping. 

As people use the strategies in this book, they will enjoy more of their full potential for a healthy, loving and prosperous life. Then we can restore this amazing planet. It merely takes the commitment of even a small number of people for a world-changing paradigm shift to happen. 

POWER UP – A Call to Action

Any one of the solutions in POWER UP could be life changing. Some could be world changing. Each one offers great lever-age to power up your life and consciousness. It is a call to action—your action! We will go to some places where you might want to linger. Sometimes you might race to the next ride or exhibit. Feel free to scan, skim or jump over any part. You will still get your share of refreshments. 

As a final note, I used MS Word 2007 to create the text, formatting and cover design of POWER UP. Most professionals using more sophisticated publishing and design software could have created an even better look. However, I went down that road for a while and was surprised that some of these experts were not really up to the task.

This book is intended to help everyone power up. For you and others, that might result in you writing your own book to share something important that you know. Therefore, I decided to do the work myself with tools available to more of the masses. It reminded me of gardening. Homegrown fruits and vegetables do not usually look as perfect and uniform as the pesticide-laden, genetically engineered produce that has infiltrated our food supply. However, do you agree that homegrown organic always beats “store bought” when it comes to taste and nutrition? 

The overall experience reminded me of another important lesson. Do not presume that you must rely on professionals in any field to share what you know or achieve your dream. Book covers and typesetting can look better or worse. At some point, though, you need to forge ahead with what you have. 

When there are urgent problems to fix, you might not have the time, resources and luxury to hire the best professionals to help you. Because you are more passionate about your project, you can often do a better job than anyone else could do. Power up, and do not give up!

Remember to look for the LOVE that connects everything!

Onward and upward!

Jeff Peckman

POWER UP Tour Guide