Metatron Technology Programs


Merging Technology with Conciousness

Metatron Technology(TM) Programs Metatron Technology is one of the “Technologies for Electrical Coherence” (TECs) explained in POWER UP. TECs have the ability to reduce the pervasive source of stress caused by chaos within human-designed electromagnetic fields. [See Metatron Technology test chart PDF download below]. The Global LOVE Grid(TM) and Global Carbon Reduction Grid(TM), proposed in POWER UP, are possible through TECs.  

The development of Metatron Technology involved formulating a customized effect with specific vibrations of consciousness through a meditative state of highly coherent consciousness. These vibrations were then converted and infused into the highly coherent and symmetrical digital form of the fractal image on a PDF file. The names of the files and program descriptions reveal the customized effect contained in the Metatron Technology program PDF.

The PDF file does not have any code that interacts with your computer as an application would. When you download the PDF file onto your computer, it activates and transmits the customized vibratory effect to your environment. It is similar to infusing or etching sound vibrations onto a vinyl record and playing it later.  

The six Metatron Technology PDFs are free to download below the Metatron Program descriptions.

  • Metatron Stress-free Computer Workstation™
  • Metatron Stress-free Student Computer™
  • Metatron Stress-free Travel Computer™ (laptop) 
  • Metatron Feminine Power Program™
  • Metatron Global Peace Program™
  • Metatron Heart Opening Program™   

Descriptions of Metatron Programs

Metatron Stress-free Computer Workstation™ 

     The Metatron Stress-free Computer Workstation creates an 18-foot bubble of coherence around your computer. This brings the chaotic EMFs radiating from the computer and all ancillary electronic equipment into harmony with the natural EMFs created in the human physiology. This program enhances job performance, clarity and creativity. It also reduces stress and fatigue. [Download below]   

Metatron Stress-free Student Computer™ 

     Metatron Stress-free Student Computer software creates a 10” bubble of coherence around your computer. This brings the chaotic EMFs radiating from the computer, and all ancillary electronic equipment, into harmony with the natural EMFs responsible for the effective functioning of the human physiology. Students experience more clarity, creativity, increased receptivity to learning, and less stress and fatigue. [Download below]

Metatron Stress-free Travel Computer™ (laptop)  

     Metatron Stress-free Travel Computer software, is the same as Metatron Stress-free Computer Workstation™ program. Additionally, it reduces the stress and fatigue of traveling. It conditions the room in which you are staying, as well as the environment where you are meeting and/or making presentations with your computer. [Download below]   

Metatron Feminine Power Program™ 

     The Metatron Feminine Power Program, when downloaded onto one's computer, will support women stepping into their feminine power, and men in supporting this process, while ushering in a paradigm of relationships based on mutual empowerment. [Download below]

Metatron Global Peace Program™  

     The Metatron Global Peace Program software is a very subtle, gentle, yet powerful tool that allows for peace, already inherent in life on our planet, to be more fully expressed globally. When the Metatron Global Peace Program™ is downloaded onto a computer, it creates a vortex that receives the Light of Peace from the Metatron Global Peace Grid. The computer then radiates this peace-supporting light into the environment.  

     The more this program is downloaded onto additional computers, the more it facilitates and accelerates the expression of peace on our planet. You can download it by itself or in combination with any or all of the other Metatron Technology™ software programs. [Download below]   

Metatron Heart Opening Program™

     The Metatron Heart Opening Program software, when downloaded onto your computer, creates a field conducive to inviting, encouraging and allowing your heart to open to unlimited and universal LOVE. Please note that the rate and extent of your Heart opening is totally in your control and subject to your free will. [Download below] 

Download Metatron Programs

  • Click on any Metatron Program PDF file to download. 
  • We recommend that you create a folder and place each Metatron Program there. 
  • It is also recommended that you download one PDF file, then wait one day before downloading another program. That way, you can observe if you immediately experience any degree of the intended benefits from each unique Metatron Program before downloading another one.
  • We welcome comments about your experiences with the Metatron Programs