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Paola Kansas Farm Home Of Jeff Peckman Author Of POWER UP

xvi: Introduction

 [NOTE: Included below are the twelve chapter titles and many of the author's favorite subtitles. You can read the full Introduction and Chapter One for free. All page numbers and the Index apply only to the hardcover and paperback versions of POWER UP] 

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Page 1: Chapter ONE: Journey of a Solutionist

1: From a Hydrogen Bomb to a Kansas Farm 

2: Blowing Out Birthday Candles with Godzilla 

3: Vowing to Solve Global Problems at Age 10 

7: "You Should Be Called Blue Cloud“ 

9: Four Feet of Hail Woke Me Up 

10: An Air Pollution Solution for the Rich and Famous 

10: Robert Redford’s Reply 

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Page 12: TWO - Tracking Truth in a Fake News Forest

12: Making Truth Great Again 

13: Sharpening Occam’s Razor 

15: Carl Sagan’s Baloney-Free Diet 

20: Diagnosing the Fake News Epidemic 

22: Lying as a Weapon of Mass Destruction 

24: A Cure for Misinformation 

Chapters 3 and 4

Jeff Peckman Standing Behind President and Mrs. Reagan

Page 27: THREE - Power Up the People

32: “Plan B” from America’s Founders 

34: Truth in Labeling GMOs 

37: Paul McCartney’s Endorsement to “Let it Be” Labeled 

38: My Close-Up View at Gorbachev’s Departure Ceremony 

41: I Covered the Reagans’ Backs 

42: A Giant Leap for Safety through Peace 

48: Politicians Go “Ape Snark” 

50: Safety through Peace Makes Headlines 

51: They Warned Me about the Conservative Radio Monster 

52: Is Truth Compatible with Freedom of Speech? 

Page 56: FOUR - Finding Your Moon Shot

56: Snap Out of It – Expand Your Mind

58: Why America’s Founders Would Enjoy Star Trek

63: A “God’s Eye” View of Extraterrestrial Life

64: Aerospace Execs Know About Space Visitors

66: ET Visitors Confirmed by Former NASA Employees

67: Who Gains from Hiding Extraterrestrial Technology?

71: World Leaders Preparing to Meet Galactic Neighbors

74: Giving NASA a Nudge

74: Star Trek Founder’s Fear and Warning

Chapters 5 to 8

Jeff Peckman On The Steps of Denver City And County Building

Page 79: FIVE - Vote to Think Big

81: Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission Campaign

83: Surprising Opinion Polls on Space Visitors

86: Extraterrestrial Visitors in the Media Spotlight

89: Take Us to Your Civic Leaders

90: The Election Day the Earth Stood Still

93: Ethnic Views of Extraterrestrial Visitors

97: Benefits of Looking Up

Page 99: SIX - Roots of Our Problem-Based Economy

101: Achilles’ Heel of Democracy 

101: Who Rules the Rulers? 

102: Everyone’s First Job is to Keep Their Job 

103: Politicians Dismiss Citizens Who Have Solutions 

104: The Myths of Government Effectiveness 

108: Problems Increase Jobs and Votes 

110: How Non-profits Fertilize Problems 

114: When Atomic Fracking “Bombed” 

116: From “Revolving Door” to “Evolving Door” 

117: Electing Solution-Based Political Candidates 

120: Who is the Most Powerful Person in the World?

Page 123: SEVEN - Harnessing the Technology Supernova

123: Does Technology Suppression Have Public Benefits? 

125: Gamma Ray Burst In My Face 

126: Lost In a Barrel of Stars 

130: Is the Patent Office Patently Unfair? 

131: Protecting Breakthrough Technologies 

133: How is Your “Vision”? 

134: Growing a “Y.E.S.” Culture of Solutions

Page 138: EIGHT - Power Up a Solution-Based Civilization

140: Selfish, Selfless and Selfness

141: Are Selfishness and Altruism Opposites?

148: Sliding Scale from Selfish to Selfless

150: Cosmic Self-Identity

153: Value-Based, Solution-Oriented Philanthropy

157: A History of Clean Energy Inventions

160: The Shift is Already in Progress

Chapters 9 to 11

Amazing Mouse Book Character Of The Giving Xperiment

Page 161: NINE - Truth, Coherence and Love – the Antidotes to Stress

162: Harmony of Truth, Coherence and LOVE 

164: Using Harmony to Get Unstuck 

167: Intelligence of the Heart 

169: How Stress Amplifies Weak Points in People and Things 

170: Does Stress Trigger Unnecessary Genetic Expression? 

171: Stress Causes “Swiss Cheese” Brains 

177: Rishis, Saints and Scientists  

178: Antidotes for Global Stress  

Page 180: TEN - Giving Xperiment – Better Health in 15 Seconds

182: Unlimited LOVE and Instant Health

183: Giving Xperiment Discovers “Amazing Mouse”

191: Butterflies Surfing LOVE Waves

193: Moon-walker Mitchell Finds Cosmic Connection

196: Elevating Love and Sexuality

Page 199: ELEVEN - Global LOVE and Coherence – A Simple Do-It-Yourself Approach

201: Blame it on the Speed of Light

204: Creating a Global LOVE Grid

205: Making a Global Glass of Electric Lemonade

206: A Philanthropist’s Dream Project

206: Merging Technology with Consciousness

210: Music for Healing and Balance in Nature

211: Creating a LOVE-Based Economy

214: How to Manage Your Greatest Natural Wealth

218: Global Transformation at a Glance

Chapter 12 - Grand Finale!

Fireworks Display For POWER UP Air Pollution Solution In 25 Days

Page 219: TWELVE - Air Pollution Solution in 25 Days

219: Lift Air Quality with an Archimedes “Lever” 

221: Allowing Children to Breathe 

222: Air Pollution Solution with the Flip of a Switch 

223: How “Greased Lightening” Could Clean Our Air 

224: Shortcut to Reduce Green House Gases 

228: Creating a Global Outdoor Air Purifier 

234: We are the “Great Leader” 

237: Global Clean Air “Moon Shot” 

239: The People’s “First 100 Days” 

241: Acknowledgments

Page 243: Appendices

243: Appendix A - Resources – The People’s “First 100 Days” 

247: Appendix B - Ballot Initiative Concepts 

Page 249: Glossary

Page 251: Index

Page 257: POWER UP "End of Tour" Souvenir

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