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If you know of solutions that could elevate humanity and all life on Earth, then you are a 'solutioneer". Join the global Solutioneers Network to get your solution where it needs to be. 

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The first gathering place for Solutioneers will be the Facebook Community "Solutioneers Network". Subscribing to the POWER UP newsletter will be another way to get informed of progress and opportunities within the Solutioneers Network.

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Read "POWER UP - How to Create a Solution-Based World in 100 Days." It explains how the world became so flooded with problems and how we can transition to a solution-based civilization far more quickly than most people would imagine. You can read the Table of Contents, Introduction, and Chapter One on this website for free. Even that will help fuel your passion for solutions with a glimpse of new possibilities.

"The onus of self-government is ON US!" - POWER UP

Every government is a mirror image of the collective consciousness of the people. The fate of the world is in our hands, not the government's. 

"Great Leaps are the New Baby Steps" - POWER UP

We do not have the luxury of time to put vital solutions into practice. Every kind of solution for helping the world is needed NOW! Thinking big, aiming high, and having a plan of action for implementing the best solutions, are the requirements of this critical time in human history.

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The bonuses offered on this site are yours, just for visiting. You do not even need to buy POWER UP to enjoy their benefits. These bonuses are just a few of the extraordinary solutions offered in POWER UP. The benefits are immediate. Just click on the "Bonuses" page and learn what they can do for you!


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