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2019 – An Initiative for "Protecting Extraordinary Technology"

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has had an illegal “Berlin Wall” for decades to prevent extraordinary technologies from entering the marketplace. Such technologies included:


“Anti-global warming devices…”

“A motor or power plant, which has exceptionally high, non-polluting, non-hazardous, and sustained energy output relative to input”

“Prevention or curing of diseases…”

"Methods or compositions for prolonging life or preventing aging"

"Treatments to enhance intelligence"

To break through this wall, a proposed ballot initiative was filed at the Denver City and County Building on February 13, 2019.   This "Executive Order of the People" proposes inventing a new patent office in the City and County of Denver as a model for other counties and states. If enacted by the voters or separately by the Denver City Council,  or by the Mayor of Denver through an Executive Order, it would require the City and County of Denver to:

"1. Establish a patent office for expedited issuance of patents for extraordinary technology, giving highest priority to categories of patent applications unfairly or illegally obstructed or delayed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. 

2. Affirm the legality of research, development, manufacturing, marketing, sale, possession, and use of extraordinary technology, regardless of patenting status.

3. Establish a voluntary public/private partnership to provide citizens of Denver with financial and other dividends resulting from revenue generated from extraordinary technologies, and reimburse the City and County of Denver for protecting extraordinary technologies. 

4. Make illegal the deliberate destruction, obstruction, delay or confiscation of extraordinary technology, without the permission of its owner(s) or inventor(s), and make illegal any coercive threats or harm to inventors and others related to research, development, manufacturing, marketing, sale, possession, and use of extraordinary technology, and prosecute such violations to the fullest extent of the law."

Achieving these objectives, even within Denver, would be the first step in tearing down the entire wall and releasing suppressed life-saving and planet-saving technologies to the world! 

[Download below: "Protecting Extraordinary Technology initiative"- full text of a draft of the proposed law.] 

Ballot initiatives - Previous

Waterfall Image For Safety Through Peace Ballot Initiative 101 In POWER UP

Safety through Peace - Initiative 101

2003 - Placed on the November 2003 ballot in Denver, Colorado.

This proposed ordinance would have required the City and County of Denver to identify and implement any peace-creating programs, specifically programs that reduce social stress as measured by scientific evidence showing that they greatly reduce crime, warfare and terrorism, especially such programs that also provide a net financial benefit to the city as a "peace dividend." [Read full text in the PDF download below.]

Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission Initiative 300 Campaign Poster

Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission - Initiative 300

Placed on the November 2010 ballot in Denver, Colorado

This proposed ordinance would have required the City and County of Denver to, among other things, provide the most accurate, complete, credible and relevant information about extraterrestrial intelligent beings on Earth to city government personnel and residents.

 [Read full text in the PDF download below.] 


2000 – Addressing Lying by Politicians [Drafted December 2000]

  • All powers of every branch and every level of government are derived from the power of the People. The proposed law would require that when any elected or appointed government official, or their representative, addresses the court of public opinion on matters of public policy, they are addressing the highest court in the nation and are therefore under oath to tell the truth or be subject to prosecution and punishment for perjury or contempt of court.

2000 – Truth in Labeling for Fake News [Drafted December 2000]

  • Information that is deceptive, fabricated, and blatantly false, is not only useless but also destructive with respect to accomplishing our goals as individuals and a society. This proposed ordinance would make it unlawful for any "news" source to sell, give, deliver, furnish or broadcast any fake news without labeling it as false or fake.

2000 – State Budgeting [Submitted to the Colorado State Legislature and later withdrawn]

  • A proposed state law, "To require that a Perfect Budget Board…determine whether any proposed program for which a budget request is made, is efficacious or cost-effective according to peer-reviewed scientific journals, in achieving the goal of the requesting department, agency, or institution."