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POWER UP is “ground-breaking” and “status quo shifting”

"Jeff's book is a rare blend of 'solutioneering' and insight..."

     - Thomas Frey, Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute

"POWER UP is a must read for 'solutionists' who long to create a better world."

     - Cam Vuksinich, Life Coach, Author, Founder of One World Heart Project

"Destined to be a classic...POWER UP will become the Manifesto for the 21st Century!"

     - Alexandra Roberts, DSS, Inventor, Founder/CEO Awakening Cosmic Beauty


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Table of Contents

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How the Government is a Mirror Image of the People

U.S. Capitol Showing How Government Is A Mirror Image Of The People

What “We the People” can do within our “first 100 days” to transform our problem-based society into a solution-based civilization 

Harnessing the Supernova of Breakthrough Technologies

Harnessing The Supernova Of Breakthrough Technologies

How the historical suppression of breakthrough inventions is now leading to a technology supernova for sustainable living

Instant Health Benefits from the Giving Xperiment

Instant Health Benefits From The Giving Xperiment

Why expressions of unlimited and universal LOVE, and also truth and coherence, are keys to your health, happiness and wealth

The toxic "smog" of fake news, political lies, stress & pollution

The Toxic Smog Of Fake News, Political Lies, Stress And Pollution

How to overcome the "Achilles' Heel" of Democracy which has created ongoing problems in the world and our personal lives

Turning Power Grids Into Global Outdoor Air Purifiers

Turning Power Grids Into Global Outdoor Air Purifiers

An epic discovery in 1990 could help reduce air pollution worldwide by 25% within 25 days, using a "Global Carbon Reduction Grid" 

Expanded Thinking as Our Gateway to the Galaxies

Expanded Thinking as Our Gateway to the Galaxies

The infinite benefits of welcoming mutually respectful contact with other of the millions of intelligent civilizations in the universe 

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About the Author

Jeff Peckman Author of POWER UP

 Jeff Peckman is a “solutionist”, trail-blazer and screenwriter. Helping  humanity has been his mission since age ten. Jeff’s pioneering  initiatives created headlines worldwide, even setting media records.

He was the Vice-President of Special Projects for the DaVinci Institute.  Jeff promotes clean energy, natural healthcare, safe food, ethical  government, personal responsibility, and the most affordable and effective solutions in every  area of human endeavor. 

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